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Alias: Maggie

Age: Appears to be perhaps twenty four? Somewhere around there.

Seeming/Kith: Elemental (Woodsoul), (+Inventor)

Court: Not sworn

Motley: No.

Physical Description:

Fairly young, if any age can be ascribed to the face she wears. She is made of a composite of materials, porcelain and wood and brass, as though a forest grew up around a clockwork doll until it had become an integral part of the creature. 

Background Edit

Known History:

She has been in the city for over a year, now. She was a little lost, when she arrived, disoriented. Since then she has settled in by taking on a caretaker role regarding the young monarch of Autumn. 

Current Activities:

Keeping an eye on her "daughter"

Tending the gardens at Grandmother's Hut

Working at [auto body shop]

Volunteering for an organization that delivers food to homes of elderly.

Associations Edit

The Clockwork Dryad has taken on a role as surrogate mother for the Autumn Monarch. [Link to be added]

She remains reticent regarding any oaths sworn to others, or to a motley.

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Feel free to add any anonymous rumors you wish.

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