Name: Nina Duke

Alias: Duke

Age: Early thirties

Threshold: Silent

Archetype: Bonepicker

Krewe: N/A

Physical Description:  You'd likely describe Nina's look as punk. She loves spikes, piercings, bandanas, and greyscale.  She is of average build but very tough.  Her hazel eyes are always aware, ready for anything.

Geist Description: The Dead Eyed Man looks like that zombie from Hocus Pocus.  I can never tell what the hell he is saying but he seems to really want people to die.


Known History: You can tell by her accent that Nina used to hail from down south; however today she calls Missouri home.  She's open about having worked in construction as well as doing body cleanup in the Missouri river. She has also spent a lot of time renovating turn of the century houses.

Current Activities: TBA



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OOC InformationEdit

Player: Tory Sights


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