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Mr. Mirror

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Name: Anthony Charles

Alias: Mr. Glass

Age: Unknown/Difficult to Determine Visually

Seeming/Kith: Elemental/Metalflesh

Court: Spring


Physical Description: All of Mr. Glass's exposed flesh appears to be fractured mirrors. Additionally, he wears a suit of hedgespun raiment that appears similar, but feels incredibly soft to the touch. In his mask he appears as a relatively unassuming man in comfortable pants and a large fluffy sweater.  

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Known History: Mr. Glass is relatively new to the community, only having been in Columbia about 3 or 4 months. From what he tells, he wandered this way from a freehold in Kansas that was far too focused on sadness and loss for him. 

Current Activities: Mr. Glass works part time at Cherie's Cake & Tea Boutique where he is a surprisingly delicate pastry chef.

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Player: Christopher Margraves


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