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Changeling puzzle character

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Name: "Leo"

Alias: Leo

Age: Appears to be in early 20s

Seeming/Kith: Beast/Riddleseeker

Court: None

Motley: None

Physical Description: Leo is obviously a Beast, but its as if her Keeper couldn't decide which pet it wanted and just went with a bit of everything. Her forearms, hands, and head are decidedly raccoonish, yet her snout and tail are more fox. She has owlish wings and ears, and her hindquarters are that of a lion. Her torso is still very human, but she has scales and feathers scattered throughout her skin and fur, and her eyes are the sharp orbs of a dragon.  

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Known History: Having escaped Arcadia somewhere nearby, Leo made her home here with the generosity of the Freehold (and... "other" assistance). She has been in Columbia for about a year, but has yet to make any strong connections to any particular court.  

Current Activities: Though no one can figure out how she managed to, Leo obtained ownership of a small secondhand store in downtown Columbia. She spends her time "running" the store, or helping out at The Silver Starling in Coopers Landing, where she lives.

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Mr. Glass

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Leo has no sense of monetary value and will barter items in her shop sooner than just sell them. That is, if you can get there when its open, as the store seems to have no set hours of operation.

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Player: Amanda


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