MLK Jr. Memorial at Battle Garden


Address of Entrance: 800 Stadium Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203

Destination of Trod: No one has explored the trod far enough to be sure, but there are rumors that the terminus of the trod is actually Arcadia itself. It is worth noting that Grandmother's Hut lies just off of the Trod, roughly within the physical confines of the MLK Park.

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Rumors: The Spiral path itself can be walked by a mortal with the intention of leaving this world and enter the Hedge.

Green Valley Road Bridge


Address of Entrance: Green Valley Rd, over Hinkson Creek, Columbia, MO 65203

Destination of Trod: If one enters the trod heading west it winds relatively gently through the Hedge of Columbia to the Summer Home. If one heads east it eventually leads Cherie's Cake & Tea Boutique.

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Devil's Ice Box


Address of Entrance: Devil's Ice Box Cave in Rockbridge State Park

Destination of Trod: This Trod has one entrance and one exit and no branches cross it, even though it meanders through the hedge in such a way that it should cross the Green Valley Trod. It's terminus is the Quiet House.

Appearance Mein: If one stays on the incredibly narrow path that leads through multiple wet dark caves where all light seems to be consumed by the walls, it eventually winds up to a surface that seems colder than the rest of the hedge even though the sun is over head.

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