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Name: John Norman Winslow (call me Norman and I'll kill you)

Alias: Johnny Lately

Age: 32

Threshold: Forgotten

Archetype: Necromancer


Physical Description: Very tall and rail thin, Johnny stands out. The tattoos on his arms and hands hide scars and track marks from years of fighting and drug use. His spikey blonde hair contrasts the heavy bags under his eyes. His expressions always seem to shift from angry to amused, and back again.

Geist Description:  Mr. Cellophane appears to have once been possibly a businessman, who got caught in a dry-cleaning bag during the machine process. The bag clings to his body and face, which is forever contorted in a pointless quest for air. Darkly humorous to Johnny, he often jokingly refers to Mr. Cellophane as "D!ckb@g".

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"Remember a few months ago when he disappeared and then came back a month later, completely beat to hell? That guy never stops talking, but he won't tell me sh!t about what happened. You heard anything?"

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