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Name: Virginia Barnes

Alias: Goes by Ginny

Age: Mid twenties

Seeming/Kith: Beast, Skitterskulk

Court: Summer Queen

Motley: Beastball with Briar and Bear

Physical Description: Ginny stands only 5'2" tall and in her true form has rodent-like features, her nose in particular. She looks at you with bright, caring eyes. She favors corduroy pants, vests, and jackets depending on the weather and though slight, she's incredibly quick. She always wears what appears to be a shark tooth necklace.  You might see her rocking out with her mp3 player or sporting a softball bat or a bow an arrow, depending on where you are.


Known History: Ginny came to Columbia two years ago to help protect the children left in the area. She's originally from New England and still has friends there.

Current Activities: Every Saturday Ginny hosts a friendly softball game at the baseball field near Summer Home - all Changelings welcome . She stays up late at night but during the afternoons and evenings can often be found at the American Legion archery range.


One of Ginny's favorite hobbies is spending time with her motley mates whether it's having tea with Briar or playing softball with Bear.

Ginny also frequents the local goblin markets and has friends there.


  • Ginny is terrified of large rodents.
  • Ginny acts all sweet, but is actually an anger filled monster.


"Deep breath, chin up, and give 'em hell."

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Player: Tory Sights


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