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Dan Fontaine

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Name: Daniel Victor Fontaine


Age: Early to Mid 30's

Threshold: Prey

Archetype: Gatekeeper


Physical Desription:

A man who stands at 6'3" and weighs just over 200 lbs., with an athletic build. He is naturally somewhat fair complected. But, he normally is tanned from being outdoors. He has wavy black hair and ice blue eyes.

Geist Desription:

The Lost Surveyor appears as a vaguely humanoid mound of mushrooms and mold with all of the poisonous and unhealthy colors in nature. It generally appears to being laying down.

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Known History:

Dan Fontaine is the owner/CEO of Unlimited Horizons, Inc. a company that specializes in the providing management of other companies. Either, through the direct administration of other groups or through head hunting for likely candidates. A quick search of his profile reveals an avid outdoorsman and traveler.

Current Activities: Dealing with his new existence, running and growing his company, expand his social network throughout the local Geist community

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''Feel free to add any anonymous rumors you wish.''

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Player: Blake


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