Owner: Briar, her parents Maggie and Owen (Ensorcelled Mortals)

Court Affiliation: Spring

Appearance: In the real world Cherie's is a small relatively adorable business that has taken over the front 1/3 of what was the old Kinder Light House building. A few years ago, during a particularly bad snow storm, the back portion of the building was destroyed when the roof collapsed. The exterior is pink, and the interior is a large open room with a balcony. The first floor has multiple small intimate tables, a bakery counter and a cheerful staff.

In the hedge the location exudes the feeling of comfort and always smells of freshly baked cookies and pies. There are a couple of goblins that tend to the hollow side when Mr. Glass or Briar aren't there to provide service. The building is smaller in the hedge, but seems to always have just enough room to accommodate the number of guests, but just barely. There is a large fire on one end of the hall, and a bar along the opposite wall, that also has a bakery counter. There is no apparent kitchen, but the smell of cooking is always present. There are no large tables, only small two person tables, and a couple of tall standing height ones as well, all the better for having intimate conversations.

Public Entrances:

Cherie's physical entrance is the business itself located at 3078 Lindbergh Drive, Columbia, Missouri.

There is also a trod that connects it to Summer Home which passes over the Green Valley Road Bridge.


  • The goblins that work there are the same ones that served Peacebloom and Thorne when they ran the orphanage, and were "helpers" in their more nefarious schemes.


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