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Overview Edit

Name: Briar Littlesong


Age: 9

Seeming/Kith: Beast/Hunterheart

Court: Spring monarch

Motley: Beastball (Ginny, Bear, Mr. Glass)

Physical Description:

  • Mask: Long black hair, white streak, always has candy, almost always wears dress.
  • Mein: Black fur, white streak down back, claws, almost always wears dress, always has candy. 

Background Edit

Known History:

 Was taught first-aid. Started an an animal daycare called ExotiX. She was taken when she was 9 

Current Activitiies:

She still run's ExotiX. She writes songs in free time. She hangs out at Cherie's Cake & Tea Boutique (which her parents own) and works the occasional shift there. She likes to spend time and plays with Kiki, a spring court beast rabbit friend of hers. a lot of her time is spent eating candy. She watches the softball matches every weekend.

Association's Edit

Has tea with Ginny

Plays with Kiki.

Works with Mr. Glass at Cherie's.

Kiki helps run exotiX.

Writes songs with Jessica

Rumors Edit

  • While adorable and cute, it is said that "poking the badger" is a very dangerous proposition. When already upset, regardless of the origination point, she has no fuse whatsoever.

Quotes Edit

  • "Have some candy."
  • "Don't make me mad."
  • "Give me a soccer ball and I will win, give me a basketball and I will try."

Songs Writen. Edit




A twinkle of light

OOC Information Edit

Player: Rowan


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