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Name: Withheld

Alias: "Bear," "The Bear"

Age: Appears to be early-thirties.

Seeming/Kith: Ogre/Gristlegrinder

Court: Spring

Motley: Beastball

Physical Description: Over six feet, even though he stoops a bit when he walks. His smile appears warm and friendly, even though it bristles with dangerous-looking teeth. Portly, but with heavy muscles underneath the skin. Furred, clawed hands and feet.  

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Known History: Has been in Columbia all of his life, except the eight years of his durance. Wrestled at the University of Missouri. Studied Philosophy. 

Current Activities: Little is known about Bear's private life, but he is nearly always available to any Changeling who desires his help or company. Has become a regular at Cherie's Cake & Tea Boutique, where he spends time with his motley members. Plays catcher in the Changeling softball league, and is known for being a power-hitter.

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See "Motley," above. Bear is very approachable and amenable to any friendly person.

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Feel free to add any anonymous rumors you wish.

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"Of course we have a duty to help out our fellows. Of course we do. And when we perform that duty, even grudgingly, that is an act of good. Ah, but when we help our fellows because it is what we truly wish to do, well, then it is an act of beauty."

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Player: Jeromy


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